10 Million Stores and Counting
#1 in Acceptance
LoopPay’s patented Magnetic Secure Transmission™ (MST) technology turns in-store payment terminals where you normally swipe a credit card into contactless readers.
Virtually Everywhere
LoopPay’s breakthrough technology works at most places because stores and restaurants require no special equipment to accept payments with your LoopPay enabled smartphone or device.
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Paying By Phone is Fast and Easy
Pay for purchases by pressing the button on the LoopPay device, or open the LoopPay app and select the card of your choice and tap to pay.
Tell the merchant which card you will pay with and then place the LoopPay device against the reader where you normally swipe to pay instantly.
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All Your Cards
LoopPay is the only solution that stores thousands of credit and debit cards from all banks and issuers, no matter how large or small, along with gift, loyalty and private label cards from Starbucks and Target to Walmart, Macy’s and more.
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Security Is Our Top Priority
Locked by PIN & password (and Touch ID on iOS smartphones), the LoopPay app is safer than carrying a wallet. LoopPay encrypts all data to prevent access or use by others. Your cardholder information is authenticated to prevent others from loading your cards.
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LoopPay CardCase
LoopPay’s sleek new CardCase attaches to your smartphone with a convenient storage compartment for an ID and backup card. The handy LoopPay Card can be removed from the case to hand to a waiter or clerk so you can hold onto your smartphone.
Now you can truly leave your wallet at home.
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LoopPay Is Easy To Use
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That’s it! You’re good to go – leave your wallet at home.
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